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1. Brand: pccooler
2. Material: Plastic

3. Voltage: 12V DC
4. Current: 0.31A
5. Speed: 1200RPM±10%
6. Air volume: 36.13CFM
7. Noise: 19DBA±10%
8. Type of bearing: Hydro Bearing 
9. Color: Black
10. Product size: 120*120*25mm
11. Weight: 166g
12. Interface: 3Pin+ 4Pin


1. Both side with colorful LED light design, five kinds of color lamp bead.
2. The use of high-quality silicone pad, good elasticity, durability, avoid to fixed resonance caused by damage to installation the computer. 
3. Unique noise reduction technology, let the fan run more stable.

4. Large hydraulic bearing fan, long life, more durable and mute. 
5. Breaking the traditional plastic buckle fixed way, adopt the use of screws as a carrier of the fixed way. 
6. Using a special cooling method to increase each piece of fin to enhance the heat dissipation area.
Package Included:
1 X Cooling Fan
1 X Accessory Tools 

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